Orangers en Fleurs Travel Set

A luxurious travel perfume spray of pure fragrance extract brings elegant, floral bouquets and vibrant citrus melodies anywhere.
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oranges en fleurs


Orangers en Fleurs centers its appeal on the warm floralcy of orange blossom. The volatile, evanescent overture opens with Orange Blossom, Rose Absolute and Egyptian Jasmine Absolute headnotes. An enchanting heart of Tuberose and Eau de Brouts is underscored by floral notes of Ylang Comores and spicy Nutmeg. The basenote drydown blends sheer, silky Cedar Wood and Musk.

Orangers en Fleurs: The concept

The Orange tree is the symbol of fertility, of abundance, of innocence and marriage by excellence, it is also the emblem of eternal love. The orange tree has been eternally associated with weddings. One of the House of Houbigant’s historic clients, Queen Victoria, wore a silk headdress wreathed in orange blossoms, and ornamented her white, silk-satin gown bodice with petal sprays at her 1840 marriage to Prince Albert. From that point onward, Victorian brides wore pastoral coronets of orange blossoms. With its graceful, multi-faceted orange flower bouquet, Orangers en Fleurs taps its royal heritage, blossomed to perfection.

Orangers en Fleurs

Perfume extracts are the purest expression of perfume - sophisticated, long-lasting, every facet in greater harmony.

Pure perfume extracts indulge olfactory senses with an in excelsis distillation, each note scored in perfect harmony and cadence. They imitate nothing – they’re absolute purity. In existence since the early nineteenth-century, unfiltered essences were diluted with alcohol to boost aerosol diffusion and to alleviate obstructions in the flacon's puffer. Advances in modern perfumery have made those techniques obsolete – deposits are meticulously-filtrated after maceration. Creating complex, extracted formulas comes at a cost – only a handful of notable perfumers offer extracted essences. This esteemed craftsmanship underpins the House of Houbigant’s two-century-old legacy of innovation, distinction and authority.


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