Fougère Royale

A pure, pristine, refined perfume extract honors the reengineered, regal classic from 1882 with an aromatic, fragrant accord of fresh, grassy foliage and silken woodland verdure.
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The Fougère Royale pure perfume extract celebrates the prodigious, groundbreaking 1882 creation of the fougère fragrance genre by House of Houbigant French perfumer, Paul Parquet. In its mission to authentically replicate the original, royal masterpiece from centuries past, the pure extract taps refined, prestigious raw materials of the highest quality for its fern-like fougère suggestive of fresh, fragrant woodland foliage and crushed leaves arranged in aromatic notes of freshly-scythed hay. Comprised of pure, precious, refined oils and essences, the extract is formulated in a long-lasting concentration.

The essence of life's a subtle, discerning selection of things worthwhile. Pure perfume extracts indulge olfactory senses with an in excelsis distillation, each note scored in perfect harmony. They imitate nothing – they’re absolute purity.

Fougère Royale’s nuanced scent symphony opens with a vibrant, sparkling cocktail of Bergamot, Mediterranean Herbs, Lavender and Chamomile headnotes. Spicy, piquant heartnotes blossom with Rondeletia, Geranium, Rose de Mai Absolute, Cinnamon and Clavel. Woody, sensual basenotes conclude with Amber, Oakmoss, Coumarin, Lentisque Absolute, Patchouli, Tonka beans Absolute and Clary Sage Absolute.

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