Quelques Fleurs Jardin SecretJoin us in celebration at the launch of the elegant new fragrance, Quelques Fleurs Jardin Secret, by Houbigant of Paris. Mixing sleek wood notes with citrus flowers, this clean, aromatic fragrance has a sophisticated structure with bohemian influence. Bergamot, Narcissus Absolute and Sandalwood represent its deeply mesmerising character, made seemingly light and fluid by the incorporation of the dewy soft scents of Magnolia, Rosa Centifolia, Iris and Ylang Ylang.


Forging new ground in floral-infused, citrus and wood blended fragrances, Quelques Fleurs Jardin Secret captures 'the myth of a generation'. A modern olfactive interpretation of a beautiful secret garden, intoxicating, hypnotic and rich in bounteous scents, where thousands of flowers bloom.