The Cologne Extrait Perfume

The Cologne Extrait Perfume

Cologne Intense

An extraordinarily pure, supreme essence extract honors the original Eau de Cologne fragrance of delicate, sun-bathed Mediterranean tempos washed in fresh spring showers, piquant lavender fields and effervescent citrus groves.
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The transportative Cologne Intense fragrance honors the alluring originator composed in 1709 by Jean Marie Farina, an impeccable Italian perfumer who'd settled in Cologne and founded a proprietary perfume factory the same year. Named in veneration of his western German city of adoption, his aqua mirabilis masterpiece became an international paragon coveted by titled European nobility, royals and courtesans.

Far from his native lands, Farina had longed for the aromatic, Italian herbal and floral memories of his beloved homeland, and succeeded in capturing its essence in an intoxicating elixir. Redolent of fresh, dewy Mediterranean spring breezes latticed with oranges, lemons, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender and cedars, his Italian landscapes have been washed fresh in precious morning showers.

Distilled into a pure, supreme essence, the fragrance taps superior, raw materials and meticulous cultivation. Evocative of a clean, fresh, sunny spring morning after a passing shower, the exquisite Cologne Intense opens with sparkling citrus notes and exotic, peppery tonalities. In the storm’s placid aftermath, blissful notes of jasmine and spices strikes pleasant accords as it pares back to burnished musk and woods.

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