Deodorant stick

Deodorant stick

Fougère Royale

A long-lasting, residue-free Fougère Royale deodorant stick with a clean, aromatic bouquet of succulent woodland foliage and freshly-crushed verdure.
Size : 75gr

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From the luxurious skincare suite of Fougère Royale comes a fresh, mildly-scented, transparent deodorant stick to keep body odors at bay. The alcohol and aluminum-free formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly in long-lasting, residue-free applications.

The deodorant’s fresh, pastoral scent compliments the prodigious, groundbreaking 1882 creation of the fougère fragrance genre by House of Houbigant French perfumer, Paul Parquet, and its precocious use of isolated, synthetic molecules extracted from natural, raw materials.

The discriminating, elegant, refined perfume is a perfect blend of green, fragrant sedge, hardy foliage, and delicately-curled fronds redolent of dense, moist woodlands. Sweet vernal grasses suggest the freshly-released essences of trampled, crushed, trodden, dewy verdure, with an intense hint of newly-mown hay.

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