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The Limited Edition Collections flacon is exclusively designed for the House of Houbigant in signed and numbered annual editions, accompanied by 100 ml of pure perfume extract.

The Cristallerie de Montbronn, founded in 1930, has been mastering the art of crafting fine crystal.

The process is rigorous and very hands on, to ensure the finest of quality and consistency through all stages of production. From recreating the design to the execution of size, each piece of crystal is handcrafted and inspected by the crystal masters before heading into the final stages of polishing, when the crystal gains its radiance and transparency.

After completion of the crystal bottle, each piece is hand painted and designed by Creative Director, Elisabetta Perris.

Each limited edition piece will be signed and numbered for exclusivity.

The limited edition designed botte will be encased in a lacquered wood box lined with soft silk and an embossed Houbigant logo.

Within the silk lined box will sit the 100 ml pure parfum bottle and hand painted designed crystal flacon. Included in the box will be a beautiful gold funnel for an easy transfer of the pure parfum into the crystal bottle

Porcelain's Origins in the History of Perfume

Two heritage brands unite to create treasured,
porcelain flacons in limited edition works of art.

A perfume fountain belonging to Louis XV of France from the Castle of VersaillesA perfume fountain belonging to Louis XV of France from the Castle of Versailles 18th century fragrance fountain in porcelain and gilded bronze signed by Risler

When the House of Houbigant founder, Jean-François Houbigant, established his Parisian boutique in 1775, France was the epicenter of perfumery, and fragrances were under the exclusive domain of wealthy imperials and aristocrats.

Eighteenth-century perfumers such as Houbigant delivered proprietary fragrances to royal courts in simple vials, which courtesans then transferred into precious, hand-crafted bottles.

This era also accompanied the eminence of porcelain in Europe, which had been previously kept secret under the authority of Chinese artisans.

In addition to porcelain's elegant silhouettes, it was an advantageous way to store perfumes, as it protected volatile juices from light and heat.

These courtly manners continued until the advent of nineteenth-century industrialization when luxurious fragrances were decanted directly into containers, which made esteemed perfumes accessible to the general public.

To honor its enduring legacy, the House of Houbigant has collaborated with the historic Manufacture de Porcelaine de Monaco since its 2014 Limited Edition Collections.

Founded in 1972 by Erich Rozewicz with the encouragement and support of His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III and Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, the Monaco-based porcelain manufacturer is recognized for its pristinely-white, hard and translucent luxury porcelain created by specialist craftsmen.

Manufacture de Monaco is the appointed purveyor to His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco, which provides official gifts to the Palace, the Monaco Government, and created the wedding gifts for the guests of the Prince Albert and Charlene, Princess of Monaco wedding.