Quelques Fleurs L’original Crema Corporal

Quelques Fleurs L’original Crema Corporal

La lujosa crema corporal está perfumada del suave, sensual e ilustre ramo multifloral Quelques Fleurs L'Original. La fórmula de la crema, enriquecida con aceite de argán, hidrata la piel, dejándola suave y nutrida.

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quelques fleurs l'original


The enchanting, radiant essence bombards the olfactory senses with soft, voluptuous flowers arranged in immaculately-nuanced, concordant tonalities. Sensual and charming, its heart speaks of pure emotion, underpinned by Jasmine, Tuberose,...

Quelques Fleurs: The concept

When in-house French perfumer Robert Bienaimé created his multi-floral masterpiece, Quelques Fleurs, in 1912 for the House of Houbigant, he'd set a new precedent in modern perfumery. Prior to his bold invention, floral fragrances had been mainly singular flowers, or florals combined with various nuances of herbs and spices. Quelques Fleurs L’Original honors the original, 1912 composition created in Grasse, France, still produced at the same laboratories where fragrance house founder Jean-François Houbigant had composed discerning perfumes for his royal, aristocratic clients from 1775.

Quelques Fleurs

In an era when new perfumes come and go, there is nothing as exquisite as a classic that endures.

Quelques Fleurs’s secret, mythical formula diligently-curates upwards of 15,000 exemplary flowers and 250 prestigious raw materials in the creation of a single ounce of the Eau de Parfum.